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Different Types Of Body Piercings You Can Obtain

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If you are going to obtain a piercing sometime within the near future, you are likely feeling a bit nervous or confusion as to what body part you will be piercing. Before going about the act of piercing your body, you should consider the benefits of certain piercings over others.

Males and females are both part of the large statistic that states that ear piercings are of the most popular forms of body piercing today,for people like fashion jewelry like earrings. Ear piercings are relatively painless, are easy to clean, and there are plenty of ear ring designs to choose from for both genders. Even better is the fact that ear piercings are considered common, and are thus usually allowed by employers during work.

As far as facial piercings go, eyebrow piercings are of the most accepted. An eyebrow piercing is usually not immediately noticed, but does make for a nice ornament that males and females both enjoy. Eyebrow piercings will easily become infected if you have long bangs, so do be sure to either keep your hair away from the piercing until it heals or constantly clean the affected area to prevent any chance of infection.

Females tend to like nose piercings as well, although typically guys shy away from this type of piercing. Just like the ear and eyebrow piercing, this is a particularly simple procedure that is done in seconds. You will have to keep a piercing in to ensure the opening doesn’t seal- and the healing process may take 5-7 days in total.

You will probably link the Monroe piercing to the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. This is because Miss Monroe had what is called a beauty spot right above her lip- which is exactly where the typical Monroe piercing goes. The Monroe piercing is primarily a female piercing, of which can actually cause severe oral problems if you aren’t careful. Do keep up to date on oral health and Monroe piercings if you decide to get one.

Tongue piercings are most likely to be second most popular to ear piercings. A tongue piercing can be painful once pierced, but this depends on the specifics of the tongue piercing. Tongue piercings tend to cause tooth damage, get caught on food or otherwise harm the tongue. These types of piercings should only be obtained if you are very knowledgeable on the concerns and how to circumvent them. Infection can easily spread if you are not careful.

Closing Comments

While you are searching for your next body piercing, keep researching any health problems that may come with them. Also find out through your employer if you are able to wear the piercing while on the job. Research your possibilities, and finally go see a piercing specialist once you are ready.

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