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All You Need to Know About Tattoo And Body Piercing

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If you are interested in body art and expressing yourself in a unique way, tattoo and body piercing is just the thing for you. Tattoo and body piercing allows you to show your individuality and also to make a style statement. There are endless choices and opportunities when it comes to tattoo and body piercing.


If you are interested in getting yourself tattooed or getting a piercing, you should know about the various kinds of tattoos that are done. Tattoos vary in style and look. They can range from beautiful works of art to outright weird.


Tattoos and its various types


Tattoos can be classified under a number of heads. Depending on the style of the tattoo, it can be an abstract tattoo or a naturalistic one. It can also be a memorial, dedication or a pledge tattoo. Stylized, complex and combination tattoos are some other types that you can find in tattoos. The style completely depends on your choice and your beliefs. You should choose something that holds some significance in your life.


A naturalistic tattoo will have a lot of detailing and shading. Portrait tattoos fall in this category. An abstract tattoo can range from Celtic, Maori to any kind of tribal tattoos. Memorial, dedication or pledge tattoos are special and close to the heart. It can simply be the initials of a loved one, a tattoo on the memory of a dear one, or an insignia or family crest. Stylized tattoos are popular and can range from simple tattoos of butterflies, fairies to frogs and grasshoppers!


Tattoos can also be based on history – chronicling the history of the development of a tribe, as seen in tribal tattoos. It can also be based on location – like Celtic, African, Egyptian, Aztec, Hawaiian, Maori, and Polynesian and so on.


Special types of tattoos are temporary tattoos, henna tattoos and special UV tattoos made from black light tattoo ink. These tattoos are visible only under black light.


Piercing and its various types


When it comes to piercing, you body is the limit – literally. You can pierce almost every part of your body. You can choose the type of piercing you want depending on the kind of person you are. While some people like to go for radical styles and heavy piercing, others like to keep it simple like a small nose stud or an earlobe piercing.


Some of the broad piercing types are facial piercing like eyebrows, nose, septum and third eye piercing; oral piercing like tongue piercing, lower lip piercing, Madonna piercing and fraenum piercing.


Dermal punches are special types of piercing that involves a round needle that cuts out a part of the flesh. It allows you to wear very large initial piercing that can be up to 8 mm or even more. Dermal punches are mostly used for cartilage piercing and nostril piercing.


Tattoo and body piercing make you stand out and makes you look great – so go ahead and indulge yourself.


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