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Piercing: All You Need to Know on Belly Button Piercing (Info)

Posted in Piercing News at 2:29 pm by admin

All you need to know about belly button piercing care. Note: I am not a professional, nor do I do piercings on other people, nor am I a doctor to give you medical advice to your specific need. Please consult your doctor if you do not see any results after this video. Price: Varies, but mine was $40, it can go up to $120. Place: You can get pierings at piercing shops/tattoo shops, a lot of places will have a lit up sign int he window saying that they do piercings. Pain; The pain between one and 10 on my experience was about a 6. It only hurt because the lady who did it, did not do it right and she stuck the needle in really really slow. Jewlery: They have the jewlery at the place, the metal it is made out of I believe was titanium, but once its finished you can get it in gold, silver, etc. QUESTIONS: Q. WHEN CAN I CHANGE MY PIERCING? A. You’re suposed to wait until there is NO IRRITATION, PUS, OR BLOOD coming from the piercing. You want to make sure your confident its healed enough to change the piercing. It ranges from 2-6 months. Q. IS BLOOD OR PUS NORMAL? A. Yes. Blood and pus are normal off and on, usually do to healing, infection, or a distrubance. If you following the cleaning ritual I will give you and it doesn’t go away, consult your doctor. Q. CAN I PIERCE IT MYSELF/ CAN A FRIEND PIERCE IT? A. Yes. But do I reccomend it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Having a non professional pierce your belly button can leave it crooked, make it a lot more painful, and is more prone to

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