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HOW TO: Create a “piercing”!

Posted in Piercing News at 11:28 am by admin

Easy tutorial on how to make your very own piercing… All you need for this is is a bobby pin/ hair grip, some pliers and a pencil! Very very very simple! Everyone thought these were real, in real life! no joke! I promise you this! Also, who cares if you get called a poser?!! Just because the metal doesn’t go through your skin and it costs so much less, doesn’t make you any different, trust me 🙂 FAQ: HOW DID YOU DYE YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT? There’s a Vid For that! (see what I did there? The iPone ap commercial? hahaha) CLICK HERE TO WATCH: If you don’t like it, don’t watch! Heres my myspace: Heres my twitter:

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