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Ear Piercing In Bangalore–

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Every woman and even men today love to make a fashion statement. Or you can get your baby’s ears pierced for a variety of reasons.  Including religious and aesthetic reasons.

Many people pierce their baby’s ear before the age of 2.  Both female and male babies get their ear piercing done.

Accessories such as earrings and nose rings are available in a range of attractive designs and styles enticing people to pierce parts of their bodies.

Ear piercing and nose piercing is a predominant trend today. Piercing these sensitive and delicate parts of your body however cannot be left to novices as you then leave your body parts vulnerable to deadly infections and other illnesses.

If you are fashion conscious and live in Bangalore or Bengaluru, India, you are definitely lucky. One of the well equipped, professionally managed clinics run by Dr. Patil is located in this city. The clinic offers ear piercing in Bangalore/Bengaluru services at an affordable rate in the most efficient manner. Staffs here are well trained to be courteous and pierce your ears with utmost precision.

Realizing that they are dealing with the most sensitive organs, experts handle them with care and do the procedure in a hygienic manner. As the resident of Bangalore, a tourist or even a visitor do not take the risk of handing over the responsibility of ear piercing to a novice at beauty parlors and jewelry shops. This will certainly lead to unwanted infections causing a lot of pain and suffering. Instead visit Dr. Patil’s clinic with confidence and walk out with your accurately pierced ears.

After you are undoubtedly satisfied, he sure to recommend Dr. Patil’s ear piercing Bengaluru/ Bangalore India clinic to your friends and acquaintances looking for similar services. Avoid exposing yourself unduly to diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV and other virus attacks.   Pierce your ears in the safest manner at Dr. Patil’s clinic where you can be sure of a clean procedure with no exposure of blood.

At this center of Ear piercing Bangalore/Bengaluru is one of the best facilities in your city where you can simply walk in and get professionals to conduct the procedure within ten minutes. It was in the year 1980 that Dr. Patil introduced this innovative, unique and revolutionary ear piercing procedure that rocked the Indian medical fraternity.

Dr. Patil founded the piercing clinic that has been providing piercing services for years. Dr. Patil himself has a rich experience spanning 30 years and has trained his group to be the best at this procedure.

Placing their unwavering trust in Dr. Patil and his team’s skills, thousands of men, women and small children have been treated at the center to get their ears, nose, brows and even lips pierced. A long year of committed struggle and dedicated service has placed the clinic among the top clinics that is equipped with state-of-art body piercing equipments.

After the procedure is conducted under the most hygienic conditions, you can choose from a range of attractive ear accessories and walk out in style. Ears are pierced using instruments that use the 20 gauge ear rings. 18 carat gold plated ear rings sold here are 100% sterile and anti allergenic. If you want to enjoy a gentle, painless and accurate ear piercing experience, simply walk in to Dr. Patil’s clinic and ask for an appointment.

For more information, you can contact Dr. A M. Patil at –

The Ear Piercing Center
Embassy Palace,
Near Back Gate of Le Meridien,
#1, Cunningham Road,
Bangalore – 560 052
You can call him for appointments at –
91+80+98455 43015
91+80+93438 26182

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