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Body Piercing In Bangalore–

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Body piercing is a fashion trend that rules especially among the fashion conscious younger generation. People pierce their nose, ears, eyebrows and even their lips in a bid to look fashionable.

Piercing these sensitive parts requires utmost precision and care. It is important to hand over the responsibility to experts who are highly skilled at this job.

An expert professional, preferably an experienced doctor or medical professional is the right person to hand over the responsibility of body piercing.

If you live in Bangalore and are looking for body piercing Bangalore/Bengaluru centers, you can simply walk into the best clinic offering this service under the most hygienic conditions.

Remember, it is your body you are handing over to be pierced.  Avoid walking into any beauty parlor or jewelry shop to get parts of your body pierced.

People have experienced many complications including severe infections and illnesses such as hepatitis, virus attacks and even HIV due to faulty piercing and exposure of blood by opting for the services of novices and inefficient body piercing services.

It is in your interest to take the help of the best body piercing in Bengaluru India in order to ensure no risk.

In Bangalore, you can find one of the best, professionally managed clinics specializing in piercing for women, men and children. People flock here even with very small babies to get their body and ears pierced with precision and with minimal pain.  The piercing clinic is founded by Dr. Patil.

This clinic is very well equipped with the latest equipments. The expert team of professionals trained with diligence by Dr. Patil ensures that you walk out of the clinic with a pierced nose, ear or even lips without any pain.

They use the most hygienic methods and pierce with such precision that the procedure is over in an instant.  They have also pierced pretty much any part of the body that is medically deemed to be safe and compatible with your body’s ability to handle the procedure.

Dr. Patil and his team are adept, experienced and skilled at this procedure and no patient visiting their clinic is tested for patience. You have to wait for a maximum of ten minutes for the procedure to be completed.

This body piercing in Bangalore/Bengaluru run by Doctor Patil was a follow up to his invention of this unique and innovative piercing technique in the year 1980. The revolutionary and powerful gunshot body piercing in Bangalore he introduced created a significant flutter in the Indian medical world.

Sincere and dedicated professionals at the center trained by Dr. Patil take care and concern one step further by ensuring diligent follow up with clients.

At this clinic offering body piercing in Bangalore/ Bangalore India, you can choose from a variety of different attractive studs and earrings that are Swiss precision made in 18-24 carat gold.  Patients get their procedure done there from all over Karnataka including from Mysore, Mangalore as well as different parts of India and overseas.

As a resident of Bangalore, a tourist or even a visitor in the city, you need to look no further than Dr. Patil’s clinic for all your body piercing needs. For more information, you can contact Dr. A. M. Patil at –


The Body Piercing Center,
Embassy Palace,
Near Back Gate of Le Meridien,
#1, Cunningham Road,
Bangalore – 560 052  Karnataka, India
You can call him for appointments at –
91+80+ 98455 43015
91+80+ 93438 26182

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