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Piercing Supplies

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The tools used for piercing the body in a safe and hygienic manner are referred to as piercing supplies. These piercing supplies are often made up of stainless steel and are autoclavable. A surge in demand for piercing supplies is a result of the increasing popularity of body art and body piercing, be it on the belly, tongue, nose or the eyebrow. Ever since body piercing became mainstream, piercing supplies also got the required push.

Piercing Supplies: Types

Different types of piercing supplies include:

Dermal punch: Removes tissues from a circular area into which jewelry is inserted. Dermal punches are used when cartilage also needs to be removed along with the skin. It is usually used for piercing the ear.

Piercing gun: Generally used in retail settings, piercing guns could be disposable or reusable. However, these are also potent transmitters of diseases. Due to their plastic body, piercing guns cannot even be autoclaved. Though they are disinfected with alcohol and antiseptics, effectiveness of this method is still doubted.

Piercing Supplies: Piercing and Healing

Irrespective of the type of piercing supplies used, healing of the pierced body part takes its own time. Healing can be broadly divided into two phases, primary healing and full healing. During primary healing, the jewelry worn in the pierced body part should not be removed. Care should be taken to ensure that the pierced area has minimum contact with water and dirt. Primary healing is followed by full healing of the pierced body part, when the skin in that area starts thickening and gains elasticity.

Awareness about the threats of infection and delayed or no healing has prompted people to opt for salons that keep superior quality, disinfected piercing supplies. Piercing supplies with sterilized needles or those cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners must be used for piercing.

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