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Top Experienced Nose Piercing Doctor in Bangalore, India

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Nose is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. In keeping with the current fashion trend, a lot of people both young and old pierce their noses in a bid to look beautiful and glamorous. Piercing various parts of the body is also considered to be good from the health point of view.

Nose piercing is very popular among women, especially in India. Women go to many doctors and goldsmiths to pierce their noses. If not done in a proper manner, piercing the nose leads to many problems including pain and infection. If not treated on time, this can lead to major problems in the nose. It is therefore vital to ensure you get your nose pierced with a professional. It is even better if you could do it with a medical professional.

If you are living in Bangalore and are looking to pierce your nose, you are lucky. One of the most professional and experienced doctors Dr. Ashok Patil introduced a unique ear and piercing the nose procedure to the medical fraternity in 1980. He runs the AMP Medical Center with the help of a group of professionals providing exclusive ear and nose piercing services.

Dr. Patil is one of the best options for nose piercing Bangalore. You can walk in with confidence into his clinic as you are sure to get one of the best services. Your piercing nose experience is sure to be enjoyable with minimal pain and no chance of infection. Nose piercing doctor Bangalore Dr. Patil’s concern for his patients is evident with the state of art instruments that he uses. All his instruments are sterilized and are completely safe.

According to the team of professional doctors at the AMP Medical Center headed by Dr. Ashok Patil, you must definitely avoid piercing your ears or nose with an inexperienced person who does not have appropriate equipment. Hygiene is one of the major aspects to take care of as ears and nose are very sensitive parts. They tend to get infected almost immediately if exposed to infection. Locate a good nose piercing doctor bangalore and get the piercing done in a well equipped clinic.

For your Bangalore piercing nose doctor requirements, there is no better place than Dr. Patil’s clinic. Here you have the most advanced equipments handled by a team of professional experts. Here you get your nose pierced with precision with minimal pain and absolutely no question of infection.

Nose piercing here is done without any painkillers or anaesthesia as the very piercing process is simple and does not produce any pain. In some cases, they may use anaesthetic spray as a part of the initial preparation.

Make your Bangalore nose piercing experience an enjoyable one by visiting one of the most advanced and trustworthy clinics. At AMP Medical Center, the professionals use a 20 gauge earring made of surgical grade steel. These earrings are 18 Karat gold plated and come in various attractive designs. These studs are sterilized to perfection and are anti allergenic. Nose is gently pierced with the help of these studs. There is minimal or no pain whatsoever and the healing process is fast eliminating any chances of infection.

The unique method of piercing devised by Dr. Ashok Patil uses a piercing gun in which the nose stud is loaded. The clasp is loaded on to the holder closer located on the main part of the instrument. Plunger snaps through the skin in the nose in a split second using a spring action as soon as the trigger is squee

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