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Cartilage Piercing And Labret Piercing

Posted in Piercing News at 10:28 pm by admin

If you have been considering getting a labret piercing done or some other type of body modification, then you will want to stop and consider some of the more important factors that should go into make a decision like this. Although it’s true that when you take your piercing out, the hole made by the piercing gun will seal up again, it’s still a decision you should not rush through. More and more men and women are starting to get labret piercings because of how stylish they have become. There are some concerns though that you probably want addressed before actually going through with it. First you will want to consider where you want to get this piercing done, because the place that you choose will be of great importance. Although most piercing or tattoo places seem safe and hygienic, the truth is that there are shockingly lower standards for this kind of work than there should be. The place you go to for your piercing should at very least follow the basic minimum safety and health requirements as stated by law.

You can often times tell whether or not the place you are in is a good one to get pierced at simply by looking around. Take note of whether or not the people who are doing the piercings are wearing gloves, and whether or not they wipe a disinfectant on the person’s skin to prevent infection in the piercing site. These are two of the most basic and important health regulations when piercings someone, no matter where it is on their body. Labret piercings as well as many others can be stylish and look good, but you also have to think about the health and hygiene aspect as well. You will need to take care of your piercing after it has been put in.

This involves doing many different things, and the place you get pierced at should provide you with some sort of a guide or booklet for how to take care of your piercing properly. This often times requires wiping the entire area down with a disinfectant that you are given from the place you get pierced at or another store. If nothing else, you will most likely be able to purchase a bottle of disinfectant from where you are getting pierced. You should apply it on a daily basis at least several times a day. This will prevent you from getting an infection and possibly having a serious medical problem on your hands as a direct result. Before deciding on just one specific piercing, try flipping through a sample book at a piercing place to get an idea of what else you might like instead or in addition to the one you have decided on. You don’t want to limit yourself in terms of options.

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