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Teenage boy faints 2 times during eyebrow piercing…

Posted in Piercing News at 7:27 pm by admin

My littlebrother wished to have an eyebrow piercing, So as a good big brother i decided to give him one on his birthday… He did not know about it.. He only knew that we were going away.. The problem with my littlebrother is that he has needlefobia and a little problem with his bloodpreassure This I knew, so I took my camera with me and filmed it, because I knew he was going to faint… This is EVIL! I know… But it´s okey by him!!! So look at my poor little brother when i Faints 2 times in the proffesional Studio… The bright side of this is that the piercer “Lena” has worked at the hospital, so she knew what to do.. Thanks Lena for you professional work, both with the needle and the fainting.. =) and thanks little brother for letting me put this shit online.. =)

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