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Revealing The Places On Your Ears To Have Piercings Done For Those Additional Earrings

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Like the name ‘earrings’ suggests, earrings are placed in the ear. You will first have to get your ear pierced before getting an earring and this is where you can find the variety in different places for earrings. Depending on where you get your ear pierced, you can choose different kinds of earrings. Before 1950 there was just one place for the earring that was commonly seen, namely the earlobe.

Even though an earring at the earlobe is still most common, you can also see many other different earrings on different places. This has also contributed to the huge amount of different kinds of earrings that have been designed because some fit well on one spot in the ear while others can’t even be used on other spots.

The places on the ear that can be pierced are described below.

1         Helix

A helix earring can be found on the outer ring of the ear. Usually small rings are attached in this part of the ear. It doesn’t matter if you have a piercing done more up or down along the outer earring it will always be called a helix. If you want to have something which isn’t commonly seen, you can even take two or more small helix earrings next to each other.

2         Industrial

The industrial piercings and earrings are in a class of their own.  Two small holes are pierced in the upper part of the ear and a small barbell is placed between them. This piercing is quite rare and it can definitely leave an impression on people that see you with this earring. The piercing is also referred to as scaffold and can take up to a year to fully heal.

3         Rook

The rook piercing can be found above the entrance of the ear on the upper part of the ear shell. Normally only small jewellery is used for this kind of piercing. It can also be said that it can be a painful procedure to get it pierced because this part of the ear is quite thick.

4         Daith

The daith piercing is made just a bit up from the entrance of the ear. This one can also be quite painful and it can also take 3-6 months for it to heal.

5         Tragus

The tragus piercing is made on the little piece of ear that stands out a bit on the front side of the ear opening to protect the ear. Because the size and shape of the cartilage vary per person you will have to see what kind of earring would suit you well at this spot.

6         Snug

The snug piercing is done halfway towards the outer rim on a piece of inner cartilage on the ear. The cartilage is not really thick here so it’s less painful and heals faster.

7         Conch

The conch can be found on the outer part of the ear. Your piercing will basically be done a bit on the inside and the ring that will be placed through the piercing circles around the outer part of cartilage and should be big enough to go around the outer part of the ear

8         Anti Tragus

The anti tragus is a piercing done on the upper side of the earlobe and the downside of the ear shell. A small earring is usually on its place here.

9         Earlobe

Like previously said, the earlobe is the most common spot on the ear for a piercing. The earlobe is the soft sport on the bottom of the ear.

If you are thinking of having anything pierced make sure it’s done by a professional using streile equipment. Also make absolutely sure that you want extra holes. Multiple piercings, however, do offer a wide ranger of earrings to choose from and can be great fun.

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