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Piercing Monroe and the healing tips

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The Piercing Monroe is another great fashion about which most of the youngsters are crazy about. It is basically done above the upper lip. It is done using a labret stud for piercing the chin and is utilized as piercing Monroe. This kind of piercing is used to add a freak and stylish look to personality and this is the major reason as to why most of the people go for it. No matter ho w fashionable it makes you look, it is a piercings and it pains.

The best thing about Monroe piercing is that the healing time it takes is much faster as compared to all other kinds of piercings. As a human mouth contains enzymes, it has the ability to kill the bacteria and thus alleviating the chances of infection. However, it is should not be though that there are no risks involved. If it is done in the wrong way, it can damage your gums and teeth. Therefore, there are few things that must be kept in mind.

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Body piercing as therapy

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There’s no hard evidence. But the correlation has local acupuncturists and body piercers intrigued — and baffled.

Granted, it’s only been three months. But if you’re a victim of chronic anxiety — paralyzing panic attacks several times a week, usually for no reason — three months feels like a new life. Like coming up for breath after 29 years under water.

It was September, and I had an especially rough attack. In a daze, I ended up at K&K Piercing on University Hill in Boulder. I walked in and impulsively asked the workers to pierce my chest with a vertical bar in between my breasts along the middle of my body. This was out of character; I’m not a big fan of piercings, and I didn’t know anyone with one. Maybe I thought it would be a good distraction.

It did not hurt. In fact, it felt tingly. Odd.

Several weeks later, I was at my acupuncturist. I told him about my piecing. I asked him if the rod through my chest could affect the flow of my energy, or “chi” in Eastern medicine. If sticking tiny acupuncture needles into your body can transform you, what about a more permanent puncture?

He looked at where I was pierced and smiled.

“You pieced two exact acupuncture points,” he said. “The anxiety points.”

Acupuncturists place needles there to reduce panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety. The increased blood flow and changed direction of the energy there often eliminates panic attacks, he said. I had never talked to him about my struggles with anxiety.

Which is when I realized I have not had an attack since I got the piercing.

Still haven’t.

I didn’t even know what I was doing when I got the piercing. Could I have subconsciously “fixed” myself? I consulted the experts for an answer.

More than a pretty jewel

Jeanette Barrie says maybe.

Barrie, of Boulder, is an integrative wellness counselor with a background in Ayurveda, an alternative medicine with roots in India.

Piecing the ears and nose is an extension of traditional Indian acupuncture, Barrie says — “not just for beauty, but to trigger the vital energy points in the system.”

Ayurveda tells women to piece their left nostrils with a gold post. That is supposed to ease childbirth and menstrual pain by giving a warming, energetic balance to the cooling right (“lunar”) side of the brain, which rules the left side of the body.

Michelle Backus agrees; piercings affect your body beyond simple aesthetics.

Backus is the owner of the Ayurveda-based Alaya Yoga Spa in Louisville, and she does marma point massage. Marma points are similar to acupressure points, although they don’t directly overlap in location or size.

Initially, Backus says, “You get a euphoric rush when you get a tattoo or piercing at the physical level, and the mind and emotions are usually in a particular state before you get the work done, then afterward your mind and emotions have shifted.”

A tattoo on a marma point, such as the palm of the hand, or a piercing at a marma point, such as the “Nabhi Marma” (navel) serves a similar function as marma massage or acupuncture, Backus says.

But, she adds, the energy change is not long-term — positively or negatively. The energy of marmas will eventually redistribute around the piercing.

Unlike the deeper needling in Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture uses more superficial stimuli. And throughout history, people have tattooed their bodies on specific points to “re-regulate nerves,” according to Japanese acupuncturist Dann.

Europe’s oldest natural human mummy, found frozen in the Alps, sported 57 tattoo marks on his body on the acupuncture points for osteo-arthritis. An X-ray found he had arthritis, suggesting he had been tattooed for medical reasons.

“There’s enough history that shows certain types of piercings and tattoos have been used to enhance energy flows,” Dann says.

And in Africa, scarification — a sort of mix between tattoos and piercing — was believed to open up spiritual and physiological energies, Dann says. For example, scarification on the chest would open up the home of the spirit. Read more


Why people do the piercing

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To understand the “piercing psychology” you have to remember that it’s just – and foremost – is an adornment. That is, what motivates people to put this earring is the desire to beautify one’s body in order to produce certain impression or create an image. Yet, there are some other reasons, aside of those to make one’s body more appealing.

Primary, it’s the desire to go “nostril-to-nostril” with the fashion trends. With this in mind, people place earrings on most visible body parts. Secondly, folks strive for that exclusive distinguishing look. In this case, the desire to stay out of flock could gradually result in putting on yet more and more “frills”. That is, ones this special image among those without piercing is achieved, people start to pursue new heights in acquiring the fanciest look among the others who sport those earrings, too! This way, area- and regional champions appear in certain social groups or hangouts.

One of the hidden reasons is going for sexier look. Here we are not necessary talking about some complex sexual self-assurance issue. It’s just an extra attention among the potential partners, more chances for meeting someone which people are after. Some even rely on this as and aid in striking the conversation.

In general, an idea to overcome one of personal complexes by body piercing is fair reason to look for that piercing specialist and quite simple way to solve psychological issue. Though, it is simple only if the procedure would be gone with no bad consequences, the wound will heal smoothly and your body accepts new tuning without the rebellion.

Numerous cases show us that idolizing these poster-models or one’s cult figures could play as powerful reason for modifying someone’s own appearance. Piercing is not an exception here, and there is not only TV-stars to stay for a hero, but any other popular individuals who is a role-model in close social group.

People commonly possess a desire to be different, and not only on a personal level, but also with the way they create their own social groups, adopting one or the other significant outer attributes as a signs of belonging. Everyone can recall such groups like sport club fans, bikers, “metallists”, sexual minorities, etc. Now, if someone wants to feel belonged, accepted by certain social group, to be recognizable by those who sport, for an example, some distinctive piercing, here comes more than obvious motive for it!

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