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My New Vertical Labret Piercing

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I’d been wanting a vertical labret piercing for a while and while attending Hell City, I decided that a new piercing would be a great souvenir, so I got it done there.

I absolutely love it and it was probably one of the least painful piercings I’ve ever gotten even though it had quite a lot of flesh to go through! My piercer – James Fern from Division Tattoo – was a sweetheart and a great piercer. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago I lost the ball on the bottom of my jewelry and was disappointed to discover that I had been pierced with an externally threaded barbell. Since most shops have switched to higher quality internally threaded jewelry, I had to go and have the entire barbell replaced rather than just the ball on the end.

BeeJay over at Artistic Skin Designs saved me from my emergency situation and I really learned the difference between external and internal threads that night – I felt every thread of that barbell rip through my skin as he removed it, and yet the internally threaded barbell slid right in and didn’t even need a push. Always insist on internally threaded barbell jewelry!

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8 Skin Infection Cases From NY Tattooer – Clients Urged to be Tested

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John Portik, of Niagara Falls, has been fined by the health department after 8 cases of skin infection (one being MRSA) were traced back to tattoos performed by him. Although he claims to have worked in a shop, the owners of Hardcore deny having ever heard of him – let alone employed him – and he did most of his tattooing via tattoo parties and in people’s homes. His tattooing equipment has been confiscated and he’s been told to stop tattooing, but anyone who has received a tattoo from John Portik since 2001 should be tested for blood disease since his methods of sanitation cannot be verified.

More Information:

Tattoo Clients Urged to be Tested

MRSA and Tattoos: What Are the Risks?

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News – DIY Piercing Lands Teen in Hospital

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DIY Piercing Lands Teen in Hospital

15 year-old Zeke Wheeler is in the hospital with a severe case of MRSA after trying to pierce his own lip. He has already had to have multiple surgeries to remove infected flesh from his body. Now Zeke wants his friends to avoid making the same mistake and is advising them not to do what he did.

Tattoo Artist Suspected Child Molester

Michael Joseph Chavez, a tattooer from the San Diego area, is being sought by police on suspicion of molesting his two step-children. They are looking for any tips on the whereabouts of Chavez.

3rd Suspect Arrested in Murder

A third suspect has now been arrested in connection with the murder of Joshua Trobaugh, owner of Mr. Tank’s Tattoos, last August.

Sydney (AU) to Ban Intimate Piercings on Minors
A new law is set to go into effect for minors in Sydney, Australia. They will no longer be allowed to get any intimate (nipple or genital) piercings and must have parental consent for any other piercings.

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