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In the News – Rapist Tattooed Teen

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Convicted Rapist Charged with Tattooing Minor
As if you didn’t have enough reasons not to get tattooed by someone not working out of a professional studio, here’s another – what do they have to hide? Not only did a teen boy risk serious sanitation issues getting tattooed in some guy’s camper, but he put himself in personal danger because he obviously knew nothing about the man. There are reasons that people like this tattoo out of their homes and not a licensed shop; people should be asking themselves, “Why?”

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Forum Discussion – Smudged Tattoo?

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“[Got] my tattoo 3 days ago, healing process is fine but today I’ve noticed that around some edges and corners ink has staind my skin almost as if it has smudged. Will it come off? I love my tattoo but hate the smudging.” – Anitavirtual

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QOW: Tattoo or Golf?

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Question: “I am due to get a new half sleeve tattoo tomorrow morning but am playing golf on Sunday and Monday; am I ok to still play or shall I delay the tattoo? I am right handed and it’s my right arm.”

Answer: If you’re just going to play for fun and aren’t terribly concerned about form, go ahead and get the tattoo. It won’t hurt it as long as you’re careful.

But if you’re playing in a competition or professionally, then I would say wait. Your swing arm needs full range of motion and the tattoo is going to be sore and tight. The follow through is going to tug and burn and shorten your range of motion.

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