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In the News – Bikers Cause More Problems Down Under

Posted in Piercing News at 8:06 pm by admin

Bikers Cause More Problems Down Under

Outlaw biker gangs, known in Australia as “bikies,” have been causing their fare share of trouble in the tattoo industry lately. One shop has been fighting for its very survival while enduring multiple attacks since November of 2007. Now, the bikies are taking their own fights to the tattoo studios. One gang member shot another inside Naked Gun II in Windsor on Monday. He was taken to the hospital to have the bullet dislodged from his knee.

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Forum Discussion: Is it Safe to Get a Tattoo Before Minor Surgery?

Posted in Piercing News at 8:06 pm by admin

“I’m posting on [behalf] of a friend, who might be having minor sugery soon. We’ve planned tattoos at a local tattoo convention this weekend! We’re both majorly excited and ready! But something came up this weekend and now she has to have a minor surgery. Currently it’s not scheduled, but it could be coming up soon. This isn’t her first tattoo. Any side effects, from getting tattoo before surgery? Since it really isn’t a matter of major blood loss or near the surgery site…any ideas?” -tattooedtaurus

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Convention Calendar Updated

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Several new events have been added to the calendar for both this year and next. I’m always impressed when an event is so well organized that they know the dates and location over a year in advance. This calendar features everything from small events (like motorcycle rides and shows) to larger events like International tattoo conventions.

If you have an event that you feel would be of interest to this community, please be sure to submit it via the form at the bottom of the calendar page.

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