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In the News: Suspension Performer Falls at Tattoo Festival

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While putting on a show at the Deerfield Beach tattoo convention, suspension performer Jimmy Pinango broke his leg when the rigging that was supposed to hold him up broke, sending him falling 12 feet to the ground. Fortunately, emergency personnel was already on the scene as part of a regular precaution to this type of event.

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New Featured Artist – Beth (Tattoo Factory – Chicago, IL)

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Although there have been major improvements in recent years, the body art industry still remains heavily dominated by men. When a woman is able to work her way up high enough to stand out in the crowd, it’s always worthy of recognition. This week, that recognition goes to Tattoo Factory artist, Beth Snyder. Beth still works at the the same studio that gave her that first break – the Tattoo Factory in Chicago, Illinois. Learn more about Beth by reading her bio and then visit her photo gallery to see some great examples of her tattoo and fine art.

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In the News: Teen Gets Staph Infection from Illegal Ink; Tattooer Charged

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When an Illinois teen went to the hospital with a staph infection from an illegally received tattoo, his parents – who were previously unaware of and had never consented to the tattoo – filed charges against the tattooer, 18 year-old Michael Whitlock. The age of consent for a tattoo in Illinois is 18, lowered from 21 a few years ago.

Unfortunately, a lot of teens who get tattoos and piercings without their parent’s knowledge or consent will also keep quiet even when they see it becoming infected. That can be a fatal error, so if you’re one of those teens keeping an infected tattoo or piercing hidden, please tell someone! If you really don’t think your parents will understand, talk to your school nurse or another trusted adult. But believe it or not, most parents are a lot more concerned with their kids being healthy and safe than about how they got themselves in trouble. You might get grounded, but that’s better than being hospitalized or dying – and an untreated infection will lead you in that direction.

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