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New Featured Artist – Dawn Grace

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A couple of weeks ago you met Beth, an artist from the Tattoo Factory in Chicago, Illinois. The talent at this particular shop is so abundant that I would be remiss to fail to highlight some of the other artists from there as well.

This week, meet Dawn Grace. Dawn had the privilege of being trained by one of the most famous old-timers in the business and has found herself very much at home in her line of work thanks to her training and the encouragement she received to always remain versatile. That versatility and her talent are both evident when you view her art gallery. One of the things I really like about Dawn’s tattoo work is how she has been able to transfer her talents in other artistic mediums, such as Mehndi and mosaics, into her inkwork which creates a very unique style you don’t see often in the tattoo industry.

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In the News – Talk About Shooting Yourself in the Foot!

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Man Pleads Guilty to Arson and Manslaughter Charges in Tattoo Shop Fire
You may remember this story from last year. It happened in the UK – an upper level tattoo shop was burned, causing the entire building to collapse and killed a man still inside. Authorities think the man who started the fire – a former employee of the tattoo studio – was just trying to cause a little damage to decrease the price of the tattoo shop because he was wanting to buy it. Smart thinking!

More News This Week: Celebrates Release of Tattoo Sourcebook

TX Shop Unlicensed; Tattooer Arrested for Inking Minors

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Deciding Between Two Great Artists?

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thatstgerdi writes: “I plan on getting a tattoo with in the next week I have the basic design already planned out. But I was recommended 2 different places by people who I really trust. These people also went to them and got great work done. How do I decide between the 2? I have also checked out both places artwork online and both are amazing.”

What would you do if you had two artists to choose from for one tattoo? Join the forum and add to the discussion!

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