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Make a style statement with piercing

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Piercing has become a fashion statement for people. The craze for Piercing has gone so high among people that they have found new ways of getting themselves pierced. Youngsters are getting themselves pierced at different body parts to look cool and funky and they flaunt the piercing with beautiful body jewelry. Due to the increase in craze among people for piercing, there has been an increase in the number of people selling body jewelry as well. There is a lot of variety in body jewelry and different experiments are done on the look of body jewelry.

There are different kinds of body jewelry for different body piercing. The tragus jewelry is meant to be worn on the tragus piercing which is done on the hard portion of the ear closer to the face. There is a large variety in Tragus Jewelry and it is being made in different designs. The tragus jewelry can be in the form of straight studs, circular barbell, captive bead rings, curved barbell, etc. There are different metals which can be used in the making of tragus jewelry like gold, silver, platinum, steel, titanium, etc.

The Circular Barbell is a kind of body jewelry which is in circular shape and beads are attached at both its ends for easy removal and wearing. The circular barbell can be worn in any kind of piercing i.e. ear piercing, belly piercing, nipple piercing, eyebrow piercing, etc. The circular barbell looks very cool and it is available in different colors and designs also. The piercing jewelry can also be purchased online through websites where a whole range of available jewelry is displayed along with its prices.

getting my eyebrow pierced!

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getting my eyebrow pierced

Wooden do it any other way

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Wooden do it any other way
BELGRADE LAKES — As Shawn Grant closed in on 50, he dreamed of starting a business restoring wooden boats.

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